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copy  LitX-1  replacing
      Word-2      by  Word-3
      Lit-2           Lit-3
      ==Text-2==      ==Text-3==                                 02-1

Remarks: - there are others phrases in COBOL-02 and other dialects - Word-2,3 = one word of COBOL language MX limitations: the phrase replacing ==Texts== is not implemented

ufo + ufd

ufo  {"C-string-1"  COBOL-operand-2  ["C-string-3"]}  ...  [#a0#]

MX extension: statements for combination of C-language with COBOL operands

Example for use of UFD and UFO statements
accept "option's string" from command line into data-item P and exhibit it + cmd-file example

000000 working-storage section.
       1   P pic x(255) value space.
       1   L pic 9999 comp.
       procedure division.
           UFD "#include <string.h>" #0a#.
           UFO " " *L " " "= argc;".
           UFO "strcpy(" P ",argv[1]);".
           exhibit named P.

@echo off
rem                                                         ufo-b.cmd
ufo-a.exe "param-1 ... param-n (max 255 characters)"


exec  cics
   "statements in external language with COBOL operands"

Remarks: this statement can be in others dialects too MX limitations: this statement is not implemented

bldind.exe - options

bldind  dat-name*  idx-name*   0/D   rec-l*  key-pos*  key-l*

dat-name* file-name.dat idx-name* file-name.in0 rec-l* = record length key-pos* = key position (from 0) key-l* = key length
Remarks: - file-name.dat have to be binary sequential file - file-name.in0 is created as file with indexes - alternate keys are not functional - variable format is not functional - the using of bldind is the best way for idx-files creating

mxc.exe - options

mxc [-a] [-b] [-c] [-g] [-p] [-s] [-t] [-v] [-oname]
    [source.cb...] [program.c...] [modul...] [library...]
-a .. executable program animation - in DOS only
-b .. cobol compilation only
-c .. no linking
-g .. cobol compilation listing to source.g
-p .. compilation with optimalisation
-s .. to save source.c and source.d (C-language and C-include)
-t .. large program source.cb compilation
-v .. cobol program without start-address
-oname .. executable program name

mxc compilation control - command files
see here - (version date)
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