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Vlastimil Cevela
Besides COBOL programming and web publishing (local internet magazin - see below) his interests are family with 5 grandchildren, singing in the choir, classical music, bicycling trips and nature in general.

Original profession after graduating on Czech Technical University Prague (1961) was projecting of energetical power plants. He worked in an engineering company and except others he was main projectant of two big blocks for the heating plant Oradea - Romania.

With COBOL language he deals from year 1970 and in Technical University Brno studied postgraduate Data Processing (1972). In mainframes and later in PCs worked as programmer and project manager in a big building company. After the 1989 "velvet revolution" in Czechoslovakia he estabilished as owner a small COBOL specialized firm. From 1990 to 2003 besides of selling compilers and some conversions of middle scale Cobol applications from mainframes to PCs and network environment he managed and led many training courses of Cobol language - sometimes with the direct cooperation with MF Servis (Czech representation of Micro Focus) and IBM Czechia/Slovakia.

As official "Microsoft Partner" (1991-1993) sold many MS COBOL compilers and in 1994 he becames owner of all rights for original Czech compiler MX COBOL see more. With both compilers was supplied own specialized development environment for DOS inclusive hypertext-editor, batch-program manager and COBOL source-object generator. Now 2006 - as pensioner (*1938) - he selected and arranged necessary facts about MX COBOL, translated them from Czech into English and prepared this compiler for free downloading from internet.

Czech Republic (European Union) - Modrice town near BRNO city in the South-Moravian region - see more (Internet foto-magazin in Czech).
The location can you see on the map.
The best form of contact is - cevela@inmail.cz .

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