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Editor's introduction
This material describes the selected main qualities of the classical COBOL language on the base of   Cevela MX COBOL - free compiler. All pages of this web-site can be completely downloaded as documentation - see here. This concept is connected with the idea of using MX COBOL as the tool to obtain the basic skills in COBOL programming. Therefore there are some formats, clauses, statements and phrases which are not described. To obtain the knowledge of the whole "COBOL World" are some links to the main providers on-line documentation and other information sources incorporated.

The author of this site deals with the COBOL language more than 36 years as programmer but his mother tongue is Czech and knowledge of active English is not perfect. Therefore he will be very grateful for all remarks to improve the presented texts. In the same way all comments, suggestions or questions concern technical content will be welcomed.

And finally there is the kindly possibility here to thank to my wife for the patience with this and the others similar activities of mine.

COBOL language in brief - © Vlastimil Cevela 2006

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