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Reference format for Details:
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Words in the blue color (move, to, perform, add, ...) are Cobol reserved words that must be used when the statements, clauses or entries of which they are part are used.
Words with the "hyphen-digit suffix" (Dat-1, Lit9-1, ...) represent information that must be supplied by the programmer's names, literals and figurative constants.
Words* with the "asterisk suffix" are the symbolic names of the details described separately.
The format description lines are organized in blocks with one or more lines embedded in the same column. This column indicates that a choice must be made from its single lines. Sometimes can be used character "/" or "," in "{}" for the same choices.
Square brackets [..] indicate the content enclosed is optional and can be included in then source program or ommited as desired.
Ellipsis (three dots ...) following a block or description line, indicates that the preceding block or line can be repeated at the user's option.
The format descriptions contain symbols 60, 68, 74, 85/89, 02 which say the COBOL-norm where the format was defined first time. If there are the MX COBOL limitations, description block is complemented with relevant remarks. There are some ec-names from COBOL-02 mentioned as remarks too. Other in this documentation not mentioned facts - see paragraph "Selected COBOL dialects and their providers" in COBOL language link above.

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