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Remarks to some statements
For more - see links to the main provider's on-line documentation.
For MX COBOL see - Formats in detail + Summary comment + FAQ and How to ..

Non recommended statements and phrases from editor's point of view
go to - this statement is harmful for structured programming - in all cases is better to use perform
merge - this statement is unnecessary - merging is possible with sort
perform .. thru .. - this phrase is harmful for program-maintaining - with it is fixed control flow to positions of the paragraphs in the source text
Non recomended voluntary phrases from editor's point of view
equal, greater, less, then, than, to, by ... etc are not described
Old obsolete statemens
alter, enter, examine, on, ready/reset trace, note are not described
Micro Focus Net Express COBOL extensions
chain statement - see Language Reference in MF NE 4.0,
IBM ILE COBOL for AS/400 extensions
see on/line documents: acquire, drop,
IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS extensions
see on/line document: xml generate,

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