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COBOL Language in General
COBOL language (links), Acknowledgement, Editor's introduction,
Today's COBOL systems, Classical concepts and MX COBOL, News in COBOL-02,
Remarks to some statements, Reference format for Details,

COBOL Language in Details and MX COBOL:
accept, add, allocate, call, cancel, close, (commit), compute, continue, delete, display, divide, (entry), evaluate, (exhibit), exit, free, generate, goback, if, initialize, initiate, inspect, invoke, move, multiply, open, perform, raise, read, release, resume, return, rewrite, (rollback), search, set, sort-file, sort-table, start, stop-Lit-1, stop run, string, subtract, suppress, terminate, (transform), unlock, unstring, use, validate, write, --- others --- copy, exec, ufo+upd --- IC..XX

External system services,
1. Source program structure and language fundamentals
2. Data items, structures and records,
3. Statements for program control flow,
4. Statements for I/O handling via keyboard, screen and command line,
5. Statements for file handling + sorting of files,
6. Statements for standard arithmetic,
7. Statements for data manipulation in memory + character-strings handling,
8. Statements for subscripting and table handling,
9. Statements for modular and OO structure of project,
10. Statements of report-writer for level-controlled listings,
Internal callable services + MX COBOL library routines

MX COBOL in Summary
Cevela MX COBOL 3.0 - free compiler,
What is MX COBOL like,
What is MX COBOL for,
Summary comment and History of compiler,
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and How to,
Download compiler and documentation,
Registration Form, Install Guide,

Functional MX COBOL demos
First steps (demo-a)
I/O dialog, char-strings handling and arithmetic - (demo b)
Sequential file handling - (demo c)
Indexed file handling - (demo d)
Calling of subprograms - (demo-e)

Illustrative MX COBOL samples
An old unstructured and too large program (demo-old) - C-compilation unsuccessful (out of memory !)
A new program with HTML output (demo-new) - C-compilation successful

COBOL language in brief - © Vlastimil Cevela 2006

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