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Cevela MX COBOL 3.0 - free compiler
For more see - Formats in detail + Summary comment + FAQ and How to ..

1. System qualities in brief
User friendly simple and compact compiler in MS Windows environment for small tasks and training of basic programming skills in Cobol language. It is based on ANSI-74 COBOL with some features from ANSI-85 (initialize, end-if, end-perform) and ISO 1989:2002 (scereen section). It's output is source in C which can be very easy compiled and linked to EXE-form with automatic following free historical Borland TC 2.01 compiler packet. There are no supplemented C-libraries and no C-language knowledge necessary.
What's MX COBOL like, What's MX COBOL for, History of compiler
Download compiler and documentation, Registration Form, Install Guide

2. External system services
2.1 Operating system and development environment tools
MS Windows XP/2000/89
- text editor MS Notepad or similar other one
- compilation starting by means of standard CMD-files
- historic compiler Borland Turbo C 2.01 in "TCC line-mode" - recommended
  (Borland free download)
2.2 Compilation control and foreign source text embedded
- for including of separate source parts there is standard COBOL copy statement at disposal
- in the MX COBOL source text may be parts of C language with COBOL operands - see ufd + ufo statements
- for installation see above and for COBOL programmer is not necessary know more but for documentation are here mxc-options and cmd-files
2.3 Utilities and run-time support in time of using
- as support for the creating and retrieving of the indexed files serves bldind utility

3. Source text in Cobol language
see here

4. Internal callable services
4.1 Intrinsic and user's functions
- there are not implemented in MX COBOL
4.2 Callable system library routines
- the list of IC..routines with their call-formats - see here
4.3 OO-classes and methods from OO-libraries
- there are not implemented in MX COBOL

5. Limitations and remarks
- see - Summary comment (!) + FAQ and How to ..

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