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Cevela MX COBOL - free compiler download
For more see links right above and - Installation Guide
For download of Borland TC 2.01 - see here

Downloaded MX COBOL files have to be extracted into root directory c: (recommended).
Subdirectories c:/mxc/ and c:/mxd/ will be created automatically.

(Note: the best way to copy Install-guide and Reg-form is "Save as" from web)

Download of Compiler
../_mxc301e.zip (include new mxc-lst.exe) and separate ../_mxc-lst-exe.zip for old non registered installations
Download of Documentation = all pages of this site
Registration form - please complete it and enclose to e-mail on cevela@inmail.cz - thank you

MX COBOL - free compiler - © Vlastimil Cevela 2006

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