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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and How to in MX COBOL
For more see - Formats in detail + Summary comment   and   cevela@inmail.cz   for questions and notes.

How is it about C-language - must I know it ?
The COBOL source is compiled into C source - it's tru but followed compilation and link into EXE-form is controlled automatically by CMD-files and options prepared with the installation. And so no knowledge of C-language and no supplementary libraries except free Borland TC 2.01 packet is necessary in common COBOL programming. If there are any error messages in listing of the C compilation/linking, the non-conform initial problem must be finded in the COBOL source. The exceptions are described bellow.

How is it about special knowledge MS Windows ?
For installation is knowledge of MS Windows file-type association necessary - see more.
For more sophisticated work with MX-library routine call "ICRUN" nad EXE-files developed by MX COBOL is basic knowledge of MS Windows BAT/CMD handling necessary. See more in - batch + commands.

How to begin with the MX COBOL:
Use the First-steps demo programs according to the next paragraph

How to use MX COBOL demos:
- the both of compilers, starting cmd-files and file-typ ".cb" must be installed - see here
- copy the 000000 block of choosed demo-program into new .txt file and save it as "name.cb" in your working directory
- with the double click on the "name.cb" start the editation and compilation

Can MX COBOL work with the Windows long names ?
Generally no - see more in the "Summary comment" link above

How to obtain compilation listings:
If the installation both compilers, control CMD files and association of CB file type were correct then tandem MX COBOL + Turbo C works automatically and if there are'nt exceptional C-errors mentioned bellow, programmer practical don't know that C-part exist.
There are only two individual files - source (name.cb) and target (name.exe). Besides is the universal-named compilation listing (mxc.lst) created which is in time of the next compilation overwrited. When any important errors appear and (name.exe) is not created then (mxc.lst) is opened automatically.

To obtain relevant C-listings there is "MX Cobol - save all"choice in the mouse right-click and to delete all those file types in the actual directory serves "MX Cobol - del all".

What difference is between non-registered and registered compiler version ?
All qualities are the same. In installations before 2012/11/17 non-registered compilers only stoped itself before creating of compilation listing and "o.k." answer was required. This "stop" is deleted now and the registration by e-mail can be made voluntary for relevant news or upgrades. For non registered already instaled compilers there is separate "mxc-lst.exe" download file prepared to change it in the "c:/mxc/" directory.

How to resolve the C-error "Unable execute command tlink.exe"
The MX COBOL + Borland TC system was designed for the DOS environment. Therefore can come this problem connected with the nondirect giving of command for linker. The simpliest solution is to copy the "c:/tc/tlink.exe" file into workinkg directory where are the developed source files.

How to resolve the C-error "Out of memory in function _ .."
The maximal number of the COBOL source lines is limited on about 700 to 900. It is connected with the memory concept in DOS used. The only solution is distribution of the algorithm into more subprograms with using of the call statement.

non-English run-time error messages (in Czech)
Main volume of them was translated but if appears another one please send e-mail and it'll be completed in the compiler or in the help-dictionary bellow.

   - READ na neotevreny soubor  =  READ of the not opened file
File handling - limitations and non-functionals
See demos for sequential and indexed files - here (seq) + here (idx)
   not implemented qualities:
      - phrases lock and statements unlock, commit, rollback
      - only one key of indexed file is possible in MX COBOL
      - value of file name must be ended by hexadecimal #00# - see demoms

non/error functional qualities: - declaratives and use statement (separate testing of file-status after statements is possible) - binary variable record format - alternative keys for indexed files - for creating of the new empty indexed files it is sequential writing or using of REBUILD necessary - see IDX-demo - file status cannot be 2 bytes only but 2 + 8(filler) - see demos - in one program can be only one indexed file descritpion defined

generally !!! - the line sequential and binary sequential (RF=fix) files are without any problems - the handling formats with indexed files must be the same as in checked demos (in other way can come problems - e-mail notes with experiences are welcomed !) - in this moment it is not known - if can be possible update compiler or if will be necessary to use only checked contructions (updated)

Accept data-item from command-line
Demo - see here

Calling of subprograms
Demo - see here

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