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What is MX COBOL like
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1. Environment
MX COBOL is not the mouse oriented grafical environment with particularly specialized windows, menus, and buttons.

You write your source programs in the simple MS Windows Notepad editor, for the compilation control is associated standard command file and for program executing you have to double click on the respective icon. But in every time you can see what are you doing.

2. Applications
With MX COBOL you can't develop spectacular GUI applications.

But your programs can read files or generate static outputs in standard HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and other modern text oriented formats without any problems. And so you have quite wide area for thinking and working in current state of branch.

3. OO and RAD
MX COBOL is neither Object Oriented nor Rapid Development oriented.

But with help of it you can taste beauty and charm of good structured classical procedural programming with your own clear and self-documented control on algorithmic flow of statements.

4. Training Tool
It is very important to say - MX COBOL isn't the professional executive tool at all.

It's purpose is to help you to learn basic skills in classical COBOL language concepts and discover the power of its natural way of expression. Just this last quality perhaps was the main for its longevity and useful stability in stormy waves of IC technologies.

5. Intellectual entertainment
And if you have a sense for creative thinking and invention you maybe can appreciate that MX COBOL doesn't force you to work with drags, drops and clicks to create the blinking, moving and noising wonders.

But you can try your intellectual ability to algorithm problems in the same programming conditions which had prepared Grace Hopper and her co-workers in historical sixties of previous century.

Well, is MX COBOL attractive for you ? - I put it to you, and I leave it to you.
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